12 Things That You And The Other Wine Lovers In Your Life Need Right Now


You know what makes 100 percent of all things better? Wine. Whether you’re crumbling under crippling debt or in the midst of a full-fledged existential crisis, this elixir of the gods (here’s looking at you, Bacchus) has your back. If you’re like me, your favorite wine is dry and under $12, and you’re more than willing to rock that snowman ...

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She Was Removing Some Old Wallpaper When She Found This Chilling Note Underneath


Ah, Paris…the City of Light. While much has been written about the romantic destination, all the novels, poems, and letters in the world cannot match the experience of actually being there. But while Paris is magical to visit, it also harbors a less well-known and wholly creepy side…something that Redditorwingspantt learned all too well during her time studying abroad there. ...

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When Asked Who He Is, Charles Manson Has The Most Insane Answer


Charles Manson is America’s most infamous living serial killer. By many accounts, he has always been a little unhinged. You probably have to be to do the things he did. Manson has been behind bars since 1970 and in that time, well, he’s only further lost touch with reality. Need some proof? I’d like to submit into evidence the following ...

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The Cold, Dead Eyes Of A Giant Doll Will Watch You Eat At This Bizarre Diner


Who doesn’t love a good diner? If you’re like most Americans (myself included), chowing down at these low-cost, down-home establishments is a way of life. In fact, you can learn a lot about a place by visiting its local diner. And after a while, these restaurants become the unofficial welcome centers of their respective cities. There’s something comforting about eating ...

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He Walked Into The Woods And Made A Bow And Arrow From Scratch


It’s estimated that humans came up with the basic blueprint for bows and arrows around 64,000 years ago. While it was once an innovative and high-tech weapon, it’s now considered rather primitive, especially when compared to some of the hunting tools we employ today…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. For one, just about any person can make a ...

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While Walking On A Trail Near His Home, He Received The First Of 8 Creepy Notes


Are you familiar with Slender Man? What started as a spooky Internet meme about a thin, unnaturally tall man who stalks children has crept its way into the American consciousness. His bizarre story was even the inspiration behind a child’s murder. Redditor spork_bandit became aware of Slender Man in a particularly creepy way. While walking along a trail near his ...

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